Magnetic Toys for Boys

He loves to run and play around. Our home is full of his toys. He enjoys climbing them and play with them. Sometimes, we put away the toys for a while and then play with them. He is very interested in magnetic toys, shapes, numbers letters, colors and has developed an interest in these things. He loves to read books about these subjects and asks lots of questions about the books he’s read.

What a wonderful experience it is when he climbs that ladder and retrieves that toy truck for the first time. He is so excited to learn to run and walk that he won’t stop until he’s at the top of the ladder. He keeps asking us when we will buy him an electronic train. We’ve been putting off buying magnetic letters for him. We believe he’s looking to build forts and fort his imaginary town in his own way but he seems satisfied playing with the magnetic letters. We decided to buy him educational magnets.

It’s a lot of fun to watch him play with the educational magnets. His curiosity is evident when he studies each one with a keen eye. His vocabulary has increased remarkably and he is eager to learn new words. The word palindrome has come to his attention and he recites this word whenever we mention it. His vocabulary is getting bigger and he seems to like every word.

We purchased him a magnetic alphabet and number set which consist of 101 alphabet letters, numbers and symbols. They are exquisitely made and will provide him with hours of enjoyment. We also bought him a magnetic train which will take him to various places on the train . It also has beautiful themed rooms for children. This train has Marley and Disney items painted on the sides.

We also bought him a musical score on magnetic media that contains alphabet letters along with numbers and symbols in musical harmony. He seems to be content every time he puts his magnetic toys sheet music in his sleep. There is another magnetic alphabet and number set called Rock On which has drums, percussion instruments and other sound effects. This magnetic set will help our child develop his imagination.

We also have magnetic building blocks for toddlers. The wooden blocks are rectangular and can be joined to create a bigger structure. This magnetic kit allows kids to build their own fort or playhouse. There are also magnetic cars, trucks , and tractor toys available at toy stores to purchase for your kids. These toys were a pleasant surprise for us when we bought them from Toysrus.

Check out the toys section in your local toy shop. You’ll find wonderful items in there. They make great birthday gifts , too. These toys do not require batteries and do not violate any laws. So, if your son is always asking for the latest and most popular toys, these might be the ones he’s been searching for.

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